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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Killer Whales in Cayman

This group of Killer whales were spotted 7 miles off of East End on July 27, 2008. Apparantly, they tried to get a room at TheReef but were denied because we didnt have any rooms big enough. Sorry guys.

World of Caybrew

Last Wednesday i got the chance to take a quick tour of the Caybrew factory located in Prospect. I initially went there to drop off my used bottles as Caybrew has a return policy where you get paid $2.00 for each returned case. After i returned my bottles i was offered a free pint of [...]

Let’s get GREEN!

Well I have just under 2 weeks left on this gorgeous island before I have to go home (to Scotland) and start work on my dissertation for university! But before i leave, it is my mission to help theReef become GREEN! TheReef is currently working on reducing our waste and recycling wherever possible. We have [...]

East End Area Part 2

Part two in our East End series takes us back over 200 years to “The Wreck of the Ten Sails.” The local legend regarding this wreck is that in 1794 ten merchant ships travelling from Jamaica to Britain wrecked at the reef in East End. The story goes that the local East Enders risked their [...]

Reef Dream Sequence #2

Part 2 of my dream where i magically wake up at The Reef.

East End Area

The East End side of Grand Cayman is known for its natural and unspoilt beauty which sets it apart from the commercially developed areas of Grand Cayman and Seven Mile Beach. For many visitors to Cayman it is glimpse into the Grand Cayman of yesteryear when Cayman was truly “the Islands that time forgot”. Nature [...]

Record Marlin Snagged!!!

The following is taken from the online edition of Cayman Net News on June 26, 2008. Leading Caymanian fishermen Clarence ‘King’ Flowers and Buster McLean smashed a 25-year Florida record by landing a 545lb 10 oz swordfish early in the morning of Sunday, 22 June. Fishing off Government Cut, Miami on the 33-foot ‘Bouncer’s Dusky’, [...]