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East End Area

The East End side of Grand Cayman is known for its natural and unspoilt beauty which sets it apart from the commercially developed areas of Grand Cayman and Seven Mile Beach. For many visitors to Cayman it is glimpse into the Grand Cayman of yesteryear when Cayman was truly “the Islands that time forgot”. Nature enthusiast will certainly enjoy the many outdoor activities and natural sites that are available exclusively on this side of the island. Today’s sites are the Botanic Park and Mastic Trail.

The Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park offer visitors a tour into Grand Caymans fauna and indigenous plants as well as some indigenous animals such as the Blue Iguana Sanctuary.
The Mastic Trail is a pathway through the interior of the North Side area and was first made by Steven Watler over a hundred years ago and was recently restored in 1994.
Guided Tours are available through the National Trust of the Cayman Islands and is strongly recommended by me as the Tour Guide Paul Watler will both entertain and inform as you go through the trail.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post information on the different attractions available here in the East End.

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