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Let’s get GREEN!

Well I have just under 2 weeks left on this gorgeous island before I have to go home (to Scotland) and start work on my dissertation for university! But before i leave, it is my mission to help theReef become GREEN! TheReef is currently working on reducing our waste and recycling wherever possible.

We have a whole list of GREEN stuff which we do right now but we have never shared this with you until now!

Our GREEN practices:

  • towel re-use programme
  • sensors which turn off the A/C in rooms when patio doors are left open
  • salt water chlorination of our pools instead of using harsh chemicals
  • we have a biological sewage treatment plant instead of using a traditional septic tank to treat waste
  • our detergents are carefully chosen to help minimise the impact on the environment

We are looking at lots of new ways to help minimise our environmental impact, and any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated!!!!

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