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International Fall Travel maybe a better bet than domestic travel

Peter Greenberg renowned travel expert reported in his latest newsletter, “This fall, international travel is set to be a much better experience than domestic travel. As carriers cut U.S. routes and raise domestic fares, overseas routes will be largely unaffected because of the long-standing bi-lateral agreements between countries, which make airlines reluctant to give them up. Prices may even go down from previously steep levels, as airlines cut prices in an attempt to stimulate demand in this sluggish economy. In fact, this Thanksgiving you may want to consider going to London instead of to Grandma’s house in Louisville for dinner – because overseas airfares are almost the same as domestic fares. Don’t believe us? A quick check on reveals that it costs $563 to fly from JFK to LAX over the Thanksgiving holiday, and only $641 for a roundtrip from New York to London. Atlanta to San Francisco costs $472, but for only $57 more, you could go to Montego Bay, Jamaica instead.” Sources: Reuters, Associated Press, Irish Times by Karen Elowitt for This is a great travel site to learn the latest and greatest: sign up for Greenberg’s free newsletters at

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