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Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park – a true island treasure

Did you know you can find all things native to Grand Cayman in just one place? Visitors to the island will want to make the trip to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, The park was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth and guests can transverse more than 25 acres experiencing Grand Cayman of old, as this is an undistributed wilderness, a sanctuary if you will, of all that is natural and indigenous to Grand Cayman. Visitors can even spot the elusive Blue Dragon, an extremely endangered species with only 20 or so left in the wild. To support the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, The Reef Resort has designed a program entitled; Adopt a Dragon, where guests can experience a Blue Dragon vacation, and The Reef Resort will donate $25 to the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. Call reservations today and ask about the Blue Dragon Vacation package and for additional information on the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme visit: or book Adopt a Dragon vacation contact

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