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What is a Sea Safari?

Most travelers are familiar with safaris in Africa but did you know Grand Cayman offers its own sea safari? A Grand Cayman styled safari is an ocean adventure using a kayak as opposed to a Jeep or Land Rover but the premise is the same for a sea safari. Like an African safari, a sea safari offers snapshots of nature in motion. A sea safari offers travelers opportunities to explore secluded shorelines, inlets, bird-nesting areas, and mangrove communities. An experienced guide will point out scenes of interest and describe the importance and interdependence of these fragile ecosystems with the surrounding coral reefs. A refreshing swim and snorkeling around a healthy coral head is also part of the adventure. A nighttime outing will allow travelers to enjoy the phosphorous glow from the plankton below and if the moon is full, guests can see bioluminescent ocean plants. Very memorable. Visit online to learn more,

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