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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Caribbean Honeymoon Romance

Once your wedding is planned and all the arrangements are completed, the next logical step is to figure out where to go for your honeymoon, right? Also, you certainly want to be somewhere secluded and romantic so you and your partner can enjoy the first days of marital bliss together. To make this as simple [...]

New Runways opened at Dulles International and Chicago O’Hare Airports — Just in time for Holiday Travel

Karen Elowitt for reports “Chicago O’Hare airport, Washington Dulles and Seattle-Tacoma International airport all unveiled new runways Thursday which cost a combined $1.9 billion to build. Though the new runways may not dramatically alter congestion nationwide, they will almost certainly reduce flight delays at each individual airport.” This is great news for travelers seeking [...]

Simply Cycling

Any past visitor to The Reef will know that the main road right next to us has always looked ideal for both walkers and bike enthusiast as there is very little road traffic in our area. Well Christmas has come a little early this year as roadwork has recently been completed and the surface is [...]

Yoga Spa Retreat

‘Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way” The latest addition to The Reef Resorts Simply Relaxation strategy is the all new Yoga Spa Retreat with Donna. Donna is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Burdenk Water conditioning therapist who also has a weekly column in the [...]

The Reef in Travel & Leisure Magazine

One of the world’s premiere travel magazines, Travel & Leisure, is offering their readers an economic approach to travel for December ( As the economy falters “luxury” will become redefined and less prominent than the experience itself. The Arabian Business News had a very interesting article entitled; What is Luxury? ( The article defines luxury [...]