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The Reef in Travel & Leisure Magazine

One of the world’s premiere travel magazines, Travel & Leisure, is offering their readers an economic approach to travel for December ( As the economy falters “luxury” will become redefined and less prominent than the experience itself. The Arabian Business News had a very interesting article entitled; What is Luxury? ( The article defines luxury as the opposite to what is currently being offered as mass-market styled luxury and takes a look at the luxury of tomorrow: bespoke, one-of-a-kind, and eccentric. How refreshing!

For readers of Travel & Leisure, enjoy this month’s issue and as you browse through the pages see if you can find properties that are redefining luxury. We at The Reef Resort define luxury as “simple”: simple travel, simple relaxation, and simply doing nothing. Check out our offer on page 34. We invite all readers of Travel & Leisure to come experience the resort and simply do nothing!

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