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Wha ya sayin? (Cayman 2009 so far)

2009 has already brought many changes around the world. Economic fears strap most to their wallets while environmental fears strap others to trees. So with all the news seemingly depressing I’ve decided to show the real important events happening  in Cayman and around The Reef Resort:


Cayman Racers swallos Iguana

Cayman Racers swallows Iguana

This image of a local snake eating a Honduran Iguana whole was in the headlines.
National Heroes Day Monument

National Heroes Day Monument

On National Heroes Day this monument was dedicated to the women of the Cayman Islands. From petitioning for their right to vote and also being the rock of Caymanian society while most men were out of sea, this statue and acknowledgement has been a long time coming.


2009 Agriculture Show

2009 Agriculture Show

The 2009 agriculture show was again a huge success with thousands of people attending. Yours truly, was in traffic for 2 hours to get to the grounds. I live 4 miles down the road! The show featured different plants and animals in competition for top prizes. Also featured was the fantastic local food, plants for sale, local crafts, horseback riding and also Caymanian bands performing traditional music. If there is one event that can sum up Caymanian culture and our people it would be this one.


2009 Rundown Show

2009 Rundown Show

This years Rundown Theatrical Show is already underway at The Harquail Theatre.  Hurry up though as the show ends next week Friday.


Wheres The Reef?

Wheres The Reef?

Just before you reach Frank Sound Road there are three directional signs now advising first time visitors how to get to the resort.
Rusty Pelican Beach Bar Additions

Meet the new bar, same as the old bar?

The Rusty Pelican (formerly Castro’s Beach Bar) has gone under some minor construction to create an even better experience for its patrons. The bar area has been expanded to allow for more traffic, more chairs and tables have been added to its North End, and a brand new menu has been created to add even more variety to the menu.

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  1. TomCayman
    Posted March 9, 2009 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    Great first blog on the new site !

  2. Fred Foxworthy
    Posted April 3, 2009 at 1:37 pm | Permalink

    The Rusty what? Keep the name Castro’s. It will always be Castro’s Hideaway in my heart. Besides The Rusty Pelican just doesn’t say good food and drink to this tired sailor.

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