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To blog ? Twitter ? Facebook ? Tripadvisor ? Yikes !

Ok, so we’ve not been blogging much lately. Been a busy time for the resort, but the other Reef bloggers have good excuses (Linder is in the middle of a very busy “Wedding season”, Brian is fully into his new role as Deputy Resort Manager (congrats Brian!), etc etc).

I said the others have good reasons… me ? Not so much..just getting addicted to Twitter, Facebook and Tripadvisor… all new ways to talk to people.

I spend far too much time on these places, but if you can’t find anything to watch on TV, you can follow me on Twitter @TomCayman, and I’m frequently found hanging out on the Tripadvisor Cayman page on their forums.

And no…TV bores me.. except BBC News America, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report… but normally got the laptop with me then too !

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