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Monthly Archives: July 2009

94 baby turtles hatch on the Reef beach

In a rather untypical fashion the turtle nest on our beach errupted yesterday afternoon and ninety odd baby turtles made the dash to the ocean watched by….. nobody! The Department of the Environment called yesterday morning to advise that a regular inspection of the nest had revealed some hatched babies deep in the sand and [...]

You’re invited to a Birthday Party – “so let’s get this party started”

Your invited to a birthday party, but there’s no need to shop for a birthday gift, just pack a suitcase as Cayman Airways, is in a gift giving mood as they are celebrating their 41st birthday. Direct flights from Miami and Tampa start at $89 while flights from New York start at $129, but travelers [...]

Now THIS is something I’d LOVE to see at a wedding at theReef

Weddings are invariably uplifting and life-affirming and our team at theReef is so happy to be a small part of the many weddings we host every year. Still… we’ve never seen anything quite so cool as this video. You’ve probably all seen this already… of the most popular videos on YouTube ever. Watch as the [...]

Grand Cayman’s East End, an undiscovered adventure

Summer is disappearing and the dream of a summer vacation adventure is about to dissapear as well, or is it. Today is the day to book a tropical vacation as many beach resorts are offering huge discounts. If you are looking for a quick escape look to book a destination that has direct flights or [...]

theReef is taking PRIDE in Customer Service

theReef’s PRIDE team (led by Deputy GM Brian Ebanks) is featured in today’s Caymanian Compass, article here . An extract : “The Reef has embraced PRIDE and is making customer service a top priority in its growth and development. The 162–room resort located on Grand Cayman’s East End is using the Department of Tourism’s PRIDE [...]

Help theReef design the first #reefathlon event via Twitter

Ok, so perhaps I’m far too geeky, but I’m going to try to take our philosophy of running theReef based on customer feedback to a different level. On Sep 27th (latest update… as CI Cycling are running an event on Sun 20th) we are going to run the first of our “Reefathlon” events, geared around [...]

Forbes Traveler Picks the 10 Great Family Vacations for 2009

Forbes Traveler Picks the 10 Great Family Vacations for 2009 and The Reef Resort makes the grade. Visit to read the full Of course, the thousands of families who have traveled to the resort already know what Forbes Traveler has recently reported, that The Reef Resort is one of the best family getaways. The [...]

Wha ya sayin pt 2 (Mid year edition)

Hello all those out there in Reef land. It has been a busy last couple of months here at the reef with new and exciting developments happening all the time. The island as a whole has also had allot of changes and news to report. As always i like to keep it fun when reporting the [...]

Staycations at theReef

Many thanks to my friend and respected journalist, Alan Markoff, for his article in The Observer on Sunday of Jul 5th on his staycation at theReef. Two things of note on this. First, Alan would definitely tell it like it is (ie if he had a problem, he would put it in the article!), and [...]