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94 baby turtles hatch on the Reef beach

1st-turtleIn a rather untypical fashion the turtle nest on our beach errupted yesterday afternoon and ninety odd baby turtles made the dash to the ocean watched by….. nobody!

The Department of the Environment called yesterday morning to advise that a regular inspection of the nest had revealed some hatched babies deep in the sand and that they would usually emerge in the coolness of the evening and head to the ocean.

As this was happening six days ahead of schedule preparations were hurried to completion, lights were arranged to be off, guests were notified of best practice and members of staff were scheduled to stand guard during the night.

However around mid-afternoon three visiting children discovered hundreds of tiny fin tracks in the sand and one baby emerging from the nest. They majority of the turtles snuck past everyone, The Reef had produced their own brand of stealth turtles!

Our one straggler was kept safely until night and was sucessfully released by Lindsay and the kids of the resorts activity programme. This group was lucky enough at the same time to see another baby turtle emerge and make the short journey to the ocean. At least one of the turtles seemed to have a proper sense of timing….

The DOE came up today to excavate the site and discovered that there were 94 sucessfully hatched eggs in a relatively shallow nest (which would account for the early hatch). One baby was discovered still waiting to make the dig to the surface. Our head concierge Jake will oversee his release tonight, bringing to a close, for this year at least, our fabulous turtle adventure.

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