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Help theReef design the first #reefathlon event via Twitter


Ok, so perhaps I’m far too geeky, but I’m going to try to take our philosophy of running theReef based on customer feedback to a different level.

On Sep 27th (latest update… as CI Cycling are running an event on Sun 20th) we are going to run the first of our “Reefathlon” events, geared around getting both local and visiting cyclists to enjoy the experience of cycling whilst staying at theReef.

Where did this idea come from ? Well, this year the National Roads Authority in Cayman finished putting a lovely coat of SMOOTH blacktop down on the roads in our area (thank you!), so cyclists now have a fantastic 19 mile loop right in front of theReef !

With virtually no traffic, more than three quarters of the loop being coastal roads offering incredible scenery and cooling breezes, as well as two of the nearest things we have on our flat island to “hills”, this road is fast becoming a mecca for local cyclists.

For our visitors, my master plan (beginning to sound like Dr. Evil !.. but my intentions are good ) is to make theReef THE place to take a Caribbean vacation for cyclists. After all, golfers take their clubs on family vacation, divers their gear.. why not cyclists their bike ?

Anyway, back to Twitter. The first step down this road is our first race, a 19 mile Time Trial on the morning of Sunday September 27th.

Core concept is to set an entry fee that includes an overnight stay at theReef with a beach BBQ / pasta party the night before, then the race, then everyone can socialise afterwards again with some cool drinks at the beach bar.

Already working on some sweet giveaway goodies, plus there WILL be prizes on offers to challenge both visiting and local cyclists to take on our reigning Cayman time trial champion, Jerome Ameline, otherwise know at “TGV”.

So…planning in high gear now, website for the race “soon come”, but help with the planning by following me on Twitter @TomCayman, the hashtag is #Reefathlon

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