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Bicycle Diaries

image003Bicycle Diaries is the musings of a cyclist, and a famed cyclist at that, David Byrne of the Talking Heads. The book is an off-beat, interesting read of an urban bicyclist who for more than 30 years rode a fold-up bike while at home and on tour. Byrne reflects on each destination from Istanbul to Buenos Aires and of course, American cities. He considers American cities car friendly not biking or walking friendly and for the most part he’s right.

Maybe we can get Byrne to visit The Reef Resort and participate in the Reefathlon, a bike friendly event that will take place this November 22. The first event was a smashing success and the second event has already attracted Peter Stetina, an up and coming cyclist with his eye on the Tour de France. Ok Byrne, you may want to come and share cycling stories with Stetina or bring a few books for a beachside book signing, as the resort is 100% beachfront.

For those interested in Byrne’s book, review it on and for those interested in the Reefathlon read more here;

Makes me want to get my bike out and go for a ride!

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