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Pirates Week at the Reef!

It’s Pirates Week again and the Reef Resort is ready.

Grab your hat & sword and join our excursions to the East End, North Side and George Town District Days.

Cayman is full of history and guests can learn the fine art of rope making, thatching, fire pan smoking, coconut oil making and how to knit a fish net. There will be exhibits on how Cayman used to be - in the days when the only way you could get from East End to George Town was by Donkey or Mule on a dirt road!Pirate Of course the best part of any district day in my opinion, is the food, East End heavy cake, fry fish and fritters, fish tea, mango jam and guava jelly, rice and peas, festival bread and of course jerk chicken, just to name a few. Often cooked by women older than your grandma who know how food should taste. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. After dark the music starts and the dancing begins, and boy can the locals dance, and of course there will be Pirates everywhere, because when it comes to drinking and dancing Pirates know how to have fun.

So join us, wear a pirate costume and prepare to have fun.

- Cathy , Concierge

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