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USA Today Travel Tips Features Snorkeling in Grand Caymn

Snorkeling off the coast at The Reef
A recent feature posted on USA Today Travel Tips by demand|Media reported the many fabulous opportunities for travelers who love to snorkel. The article highlights the visibility aspects of snorkeling in Grand Cayman from 80 feet and even up to an astonishing 200 feet. Some of the sea life one might see; sea turtles, nurse sharks, octopi, noisy parrot fish, colorful sergeant majors, moray eels, spiny sea urchins, tarpons and other species all inhabit the local waters. Sponges, sea fans, and corals such as red reef fingers and brain corals encrust the reefs, underwater rocks and wrecks off the island.

Now did you know that The Reef Resort offers a modern twist to snorkeling? They do, and it’s called Power Snorkeling. Power snorkeling is simply a handheld device which uses electric powered dive propulsion vehicles (DPV’s) to propel guests effortlessly through the water exploring the magnificent undersea world in a new way.

Check out The Reef’s Power Snorkeling Safari Package just in time for summer fun:
• One hour guided snorkeling excursions (with a DPV pac)
• Trip to a secluded beach about ¾ of a mile away from The Reef
• Guided back down the coast stopping at the top snorkeling and fish holes in the area
• A glass of chilled fruit punch or chilled rum await guests
The rental cost for a DPV is CI$32.00 (US$40) per person and includes transportation, all snorkeling equipment, and a safety vest.

Snorkel season on Grand Cayman Island all year round! So pack your bags, and forget about packing your snorkel gear as we’ll have it ready when you arrive?

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