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Zombie Driftwood a B-movie produced on Cayman Island

It’s definitely a zombie thriller but would Michael Jackson have taken notice? Obviously, we’ll never have an answer to that question but the folks at the Cayman Island Film Commission are betting zombie movie enthusiasts will.

Zombie Driftwood, wrapped-up shooting this past summer at Driftwood Bar, on Grand Cayman Island. The bar’s owner Phil Eckstein wrote the screenplay while Scottish filmmaker Bob Carruthers, stumbled into this opportunity during a conversation with Eckstein while hanging out at Driftwood. Driftwood does have the best mudslides on the island!

The 75 minute-long film follows a small group of people fighting off piratical zombies who get to Cayman on a mystery cruise ship that shows up with no one on board – or at least, no one alive. The movie genre is typical for the movie class but if you love Zombie movies you may want to tune in as this one has a local aesthetic. All of the zombies were played by local Caymanian actors as opposed to flying in Hollywood types.

The film is a “guinea pig” for future productions made with the assistance of the Cayman Islands Film Commission. The commission was set-up in January of last year, with the goal to develop the film industry in Cayman, which will be managed by Lesley-Ann Thompson, head of marketing at the Cayman Islands Department of Commerce and Investment which runs the Film Commission.

The team behind the movie also created a local company and has been inviting people to invest in the project by buying 1 per cent of the company for a mere $5,000. All of those who invest will have an associate producer credit. Interesting! Come on now, its Grand Cayman the home of investment would you expect anything different? It just may be a worthwhile investment opportunity for those who have a couple of extra thousands lying around and have an interest in the film industry.

It might not have the dance moves that made Thriller one of the top-grossing videos of all times, but it will definitely have the moans and groans of a classic zombie thriller! Look for an October release just in time for Halloween, across the US and UK.

Zombie Driftwood

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