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The Reef Resort: Double Upgrade a Sweet Deal

Think dead of winter, gray skies, snow and slush everywhere, and scraping the proverbial windshield. Now think sunny skies, sitting beachside on one of the largest stretches of beach in Cayman Island with a cool lemonade in one hand and a book in another? Even better why not a tall refreshing gin and tonic, or go for the gusto and think top-shelf Caribbean cocktail that’s hand-blended and delivered to you before you even ask.

Ok, most people want to get the heck out of dodge in the middle of winter, and will opt for the hand-blended magically appearing cocktail, unless of course you despise, fruity drinks, and well that’s a whole other topic. The Reef Resort is offering a magical winter escape entitled Double Upgrade. What’s in it for you?
Book this package by October 15, and move from a beachfront Studio Suite (450 sq.-ft.) to a one bedroom beachfront Executive Suite (900 – sq-ft). Oh aren’t we cleaver with the name. Not! But hey the name is OK if you save, and you do, plus if you book early you save an additional 20% on top of the upgrade. Visit The Reef for price and package details.

Does that hand-blended cocktail have your name all over it? I’m one of those folks who don’t dig the fruity cocktails, but I can honestly say, The Reef’s mudslides are epic!


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