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Wha ya sayin pt 2 (Mid year edition)

Hello all those out there in Reef land. It has been a busy last couple of months here at the reef with new and exciting developments happening all the time. The island as a whole has also had allot of changes and news to report. As always i like to keep it fun when reporting the events, some are funny some are informative and some are just plain……

Pirates who?


A lot of fuss has been made in the last week over the proposed changing of names from Pirates week. At time of this blog, the new name has not been announced but rest assured there are some sad pirates out there on the sea.

Gimistory 2009


I was lucky enough to attend this years Gimistory event at Pedro’s Castle in Savannah. As i sat down on my seat i thought to myself just how exciting of a backdrop it was to have the storytellers standing on the upper floor of the historical building while reciting different stories both local and international. The mid show break with Fried fish and dumplings wasn’t so bad either. The local storyteller’s were extremely impressive and some even came in old-time outfits to add even more authenticity to their stories. My suggestion would be if you have the chance to visit Cayman next April, take a visit out to one of the many venues that hold gimistory during Cayfest and enjoy a nice cultural experience.

Pelicans Bistro


Frequent visitors to the reef are sure to be in for a pleasant surprise the next time you check in. The old dive shop has now been converted into our brand spanking new restaurant “Pelicans Bistro”. Open for breakfast and dinner this new dining spot gives you all the great taste of Pelicans Reef and The Rusty Pelican right indoors.


Cayman Chili Cookoff


The Reef Resort played host to the Chili Cookoff  last weekend. Local residents as well as Reef guests mingled in the hot caribbean sun while enjoying Caybrew and Hot dogs all day long. There was a children’s section with bouncingcastles and face-painting. On the other side of the Rusty pelican Beach bar  we had the music stage and beer stands. Local music fans were spoiled rotten all day with bands like ‘Gone Country”, The Barefoot man” and “Hi-Tide” performing. The chili cooking began at 1pm and wrapped up at 6 when ”Electratech” were announced as the events winners for best chili.  Even though the chili was the main cause for the event, the combinationof warm weather, barbeque and a cold beverage seemed to be exactly what made the event so much for fun for the attendees.

Everyone that i talked to during the day said they had a great time and many people chose to simply spend the night here at the reef after a long day in the sun. Those who stayed the entire day were in for a treat as the closing fireworks at 9pm were amazing.

You can look forward to the event again next year being even bigger and better.

Simply Stress Free Weddings

Preparing for the big day can be nerve racking. With all the arrangements, guest details and preparations that go into weddings its no surprise some brides can turn into……..Bridezillas.

Linda Locke our very own wedding coordinator has successfully organized countless weddings  at The Reef and here is a sample letter written by a very happy bride to be:

 hppscan43To book your stress free wedding with Linda, simply email or dial 1-888-232-0541 for more information.

Wha ya sayin? (Cayman 2009 so far)

2009 has already brought many changes around the world. Economic fears strap most to their wallets while environmental fears strap others to trees. So with all the news seemingly depressing I’ve decided to show the real important events happening  in Cayman and around The Reef Resort:


Cayman Racers swallos Iguana

Cayman Racers swallows Iguana

This image of a local snake eating a Honduran Iguana whole was in the headlines.
National Heroes Day Monument

National Heroes Day Monument

On National Heroes Day this monument was dedicated to the women of the Cayman Islands. From petitioning for their right to vote and also being the rock of Caymanian society while most men were out of sea, this statue and acknowledgement has been a long time coming.


2009 Agriculture Show

2009 Agriculture Show

The 2009 agriculture show was again a huge success with thousands of people attending. Yours truly, was in traffic for 2 hours to get to the grounds. I live 4 miles down the road! The show featured different plants and animals in competition for top prizes. Also featured was the fantastic local food, plants for sale, local crafts, horseback riding and also Caymanian bands performing traditional music. If there is one event that can sum up Caymanian culture and our people it would be this one.


2009 Rundown Show

2009 Rundown Show

This years Rundown Theatrical Show is already underway at The Harquail Theatre.  Hurry up though as the show ends next week Friday.


Wheres The Reef?

Wheres The Reef?

Just before you reach Frank Sound Road there are three directional signs now advising first time visitors how to get to the resort.
Rusty Pelican Beach Bar Additions

Meet the new bar, same as the old bar?

The Rusty Pelican (formerly Castro’s Beach Bar) has gone under some minor construction to create an even better experience for its patrons. The bar area has been expanded to allow for more traffic, more chairs and tables have been added to its North End, and a brand new menu has been created to add even more variety to the menu.

Top Ten Dive Site in the Caribbean

Orbitz is blogging about another blog considered laziness or just praise among peers?

Anyway, our good friends at have recently posted on their own travel blog a section detailing the Top Ten Dive Sites in the Caribbean. Rated #1 on their list is The Cayman Islands with The Reef Resort being highlighted due to our location away from the hustle and bustle of SMB. (Seven Mile Beach for those not in the know).

It seems our little secret in East End is getting out.


This amazing footage is of a waterspout just off the coast here in East End.

Images from January 09

The month of January has flown by already and below are some pics of what has been going on this month.

Last week our daily fish feeding attracted alot of guests who were excited to see the Tarpons, chubs, grunts and other fish that come around the dock expecting bread.

The next picture is an image of a Castaway Owner in their local habitat. With new Owners (Iguanas) moving in soon, alternate accommodation will become a necessity

The Department of Tourism’s PRIDE training came by the reef for a two day seminar where Jake (Head Concierge) learned to fold napkins among many other things. He’s a natural ain’t he!

Below is a mini design of The Reef by the Van Leeuwen children who stayed with us over the Christmas period. Note their attention to detail with the all beachfront suites and Apollo’s taxi cab parked right out front. The Reef: Where budding architects come to train.

Blue Dragon trail – find the dragons !

As part of our efforts here at The Reef to apply our resources to helping environmental initiatives, we had our web team redo the Blue Dragon trail pages that seemed to have somehow got lost in the ether a while back.

This should shortly be linked directly from the pages of the Blue Iguana programme, but for now you can find the Blue Dragon Trail pages directly here.

One thing we added was the ability to print a pdf of the map so you can easily get ready to do the self-guided tour yourself once you arrive on island…. a great way to explore it.. get the kids to “capture” all the dragons on their camera !

Cayman Airways Sale-Book by January 27

Sir Turtle is celebrating the new year with cities on sale!







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Cayman Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a big thing here in Cayman as houses compete for pride on the best displays and most unique ones. Several large houses even allow the general public access into their property to view their massive displays.

Every year as well, George Town Harbour is decorated with Christmas Lights bringing a feeling of Christmas throughout the capital.

The underground relaxation community has been quietly screaming out for a leader for sometime now.
From every corner of the earth these secret sun worshipers and beach bums have been looking for a place to call their own. Well, good news has arrived as the perfect place to practice the once banned art of relaxation has been found! Please keep everything hush hush and visit where you can find out how to access this piece of paradise.

ELFED 2008

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Stingray Awards

The annual Stingray Awards ceremony took place on November 29, 2008. These awards are given to the top performers in The Cayman Islands Tourism Industry . The Reef Resort had our own hospitality superstars nominated this year for various awards:

Dulles to Cayman Last Minute Sale!

One-way airfare starting as low as $99* when purchased by December 8, 2008

Cayman Airways, the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands is proud to announce, new full-service, nonstop flights from Washington D.C. (Dulles) to Grand Cayman starting December 13, 2008.
To book contact your travel professional or for more information visit

Caribbean Honeymoon Romance

Once your wedding is planned and all the arrangements are completed, the next logical step is to figure out where to go for your honeymoon, right? Also, you certainly want to be somewhere secluded and romantic so you and your partner can enjoy the first days of marital bliss together. To make this as simple as possible we have brought back one of our most popular packages for 2009. The “Simply Romance at The Reef” package includes:

5 nights in a Beachfront Deluxe Studio Suite
Champagne and Strawberries in room upon arrival
Private 3 course candlelit dinner for two on the beach with bottle of wine
Sunset Kayak Reef tour for two (or alternative couples watersports activity when available)
Couples Massage at Le Soleil Spa
All taxes and gratuities on packaged items

For package rates, please visit

Simply Cycling

Any past visitor to The Reef will know that the main road right next to us has always looked ideal for both walkers and bike enthusiast as there is very little road traffic in our area.

Well Christmas has come a little early this year as roadwork has recently been completed and the surface is smooth as can be. With Cayman now growing as a destination for Cyclist with the recent Cayman Invitational race event that was scheduled for November 8, 2008 and attracted world renowned cyclist such as Christian Vandevelde and Peter Luttenberger to name a few, international eyes and bike clubs should know have The Cayman Islands on their radar.
If you’re a novice rider or maybe someone looking just to go on a stroll then you will be glad to know that The Reef Resort also offers our guest free bike rentals which are available at out Front Desk area.

On the top right of this picture is The Cayman Cycling Clubs jersey which is sponsored by us here at The Reef Resort. It is available for purchase at

Yoga Spa Retreat

‘Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way”

The latest addition to The Reef Resorts Simply Relaxation strategy is the all new Yoga Spa Retreat with Donna.

Donna is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Burdenk Water conditioning therapist who also has a weekly column in the Caymanian Compass.

This 1-hour yoga experience is an idyllic retreat for the inner self enhanced by the ancient arts of traditional Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy, Native Flowers and Fragrance.

This experience is absolutely perfect for a first time Yoga experience as well as yoga enthusiast.

For more information please call 1-345-946-3338 or email

The Blogman Cometh

Goooooood evening????????

Yes, it is evening time here in Scotland where your favorite reef blogger has been stationed over the last few months and i must apologize for the lack of reef news since then. However, there is good news on the horizon as i will be back in Cayman and back at thereef in less then a months time which is very close to Pirates Week. Hint Hint.

Upon my return expect more updates of the latest news at thereef as well as Cayman.

Killer Whales in Cayman

This group of Killer whales were spotted 7 miles off of East End on July 27, 2008. Apparantly, they tried to get a room at TheReef but were denied because we didnt have any rooms big enough. Sorry guys.

World of Caybrew

Last Wednesday i got the chance to take a quick tour of the Caybrew factory located in Prospect. I initially went there to drop off my used bottles as Caybrew has a return policy where you get paid $2.00 for each returned case.

After i returned my bottles i was offered a free pint of draft Caybrew from the free sample area they have set-up inside. While enjoying my brew i was offered a free tour of both the recycling area and the actual brewery itself. How could i say no!

I walked through the warehouse area where pallets of this delicious beverage were being prepped for delivery to all the local bars.

My next stop was at the recycling part of the factory where i got to see what happens to those little green bottles and how they are cleaned. Kudos to the Caybrew team as that machine is top of the top and assures the quality of the reused bottles.

After my look at the cleaning area i then walked through the brewing area where the barley, malts, and water combine to make the drink. Walking in, one is initially hit by the strong smell of malt and the heat of the room. This is certainly where the magic happens.

After about 5 minutes of learning the step by step process that goes into brewing the beer, i exited the factory and made my way back to the reception area.

My advice is to give Caybrew a try as it is great tasting and very refreshing.

East End Area Part 2

Part two in our East End series takes us back over 200 years to “The Wreck of the Ten Sails.”

The local legend regarding this wreck is that in 1794 ten merchant ships travelling from Jamaica to Britain wrecked at the reef in East End. The story goes that the local East Enders risked their life to save all the passengers and that no lives were lost. One of the passengers on the boat happened to be King George III son the future King William IV.
Apparently, King George III was so grateful for the local Caymanians response that he pronounced The Cayman Islands free from taxation as a reward for their bravery.

Reef Dream Sequence #2

Part 2 of my dream where i magically wake up at The Reef.

East End Area

The East End side of Grand Cayman is known for its natural and unspoilt beauty which sets it apart from the commercially developed areas of Grand Cayman and Seven Mile Beach. For many visitors to Cayman it is glimpse into the Grand Cayman of yesteryear when Cayman was truly “the Islands that time forgot”. Nature enthusiast will certainly enjoy the many outdoor activities and natural sites that are available exclusively on this side of the island. Today’s sites are the Botanic Park and Mastic Trail.

The Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park offer visitors a tour into Grand Caymans fauna and indigenous plants as well as some indigenous animals such as the Blue Iguana Sanctuary.
The Mastic Trail is a pathway through the interior of the North Side area and was first made by Steven Watler over a hundred years ago and was recently restored in 1994.
Guided Tours are available through the National Trust of the Cayman Islands and is strongly recommended by me as the Tour Guide Paul Watler will both entertain and inform as you go through the trail.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post information on the different attractions available here in the East End.

Record Marlin Snagged!!!

The following is taken from the online edition of Cayman Net News on June 26, 2008.

Leading Caymanian fishermen Clarence ‘King’ Flowers and Buster McLean smashed a 25-year Florida record by landing a 545lb 10 oz swordfish early in the morning of Sunday, 22 June.

Fishing off Government Cut, Miami on the 33-foot ‘Bouncer’s Dusky’, the team battled for more than five hours to bring the fish into the boat. The feat took every ounce of skill – and strength – by the experienced team, which included sword-fishing legend Captain Bouncer Smith, Captain Steve Huddleston and John Herndon.

Not only did the fish clinch the ‘Hydroglow Summer Swordfish Slam’ tournament, but it is also believed to be the biggest swordfish caught in Florida waters for more than a quarter of a century.

“The world’s largest Swordfish tournament now can say, to the best of our knowledge, that it has weighted the heaviest sword to be caught in a tournament,” said Tournament President Drew Kettlehutt.

“It’s the fish of a lifetime,” said an exhausted King Flowers who was back in Grand Cayman ahead of this weekend’s Cayman Swordfish Challenge.

“This is the fish that everyone talks about but somehow always gets away.”

The fish grabbed a day-drop sword rig at around 2,000 feet while it was being set, just an hour after the tournament began. Because of the powerful currents, it took some half hour for Captain Bouncer Smith to figure out that it was a fish, and not the bottom, that they’d hooked.

Using 80lb test line on a 70lb Penn International reel, the team managed to get the fish close to the boat within about 45 minutes.

“It circled around us at 25 miles-per-hour and we got a good look at it,” Mr Flowers said. “We couldn’t believe its size – like a sunken boat.”

The fish then sounded and, as the fight dragged on, a powerful thunderstorm closed in the boat.

“With every lightning strike, the fish pushed deeper, but it was like a submarine, steady and unstoppable, like nothing I’d ever hooked before,” Mr Flowers added.

More than five hours after hooking up, they had the massive fish within 200 feet of the boat – this after a virtual stalemate where line was gained only by quarter turns of the reel.

It was now that the experience of the brilliant Captain Bouncer Smith began to pay off and, with a combination of instruction and boat-handling skill, they were able to work the fish to within gaffing distance.

“It took five gaffs and, eventually, a tail rope, but even then he mashed the transom with his huge tail and slapped Steve Huddleston across the deck with his bill,” Mr Flowers said.

Beyond exhaustion, the crew then had to gather enough strength to get the monster into the boat.

“In 42 years as a full time fishing guide, I have never taken part in a fight with a tougher fish,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Flowers recalls that, on leaving the dock for the evening’s fishing, Captain Bouncer had predicted they would “hook up early, boat a 425 and go to the scales early”.

“So I missed by 120 pounds; it must be a fuzzy crystal ball,” Mr Flowers said.

The team is now looking ahead to the Cayman Swordfish Challenge, the second annual tournament which takes place this Saturday and Sunday, 28 and 29 June. As with the last year’s inaugural tournament, Captains Bouncer Smith and Steve Huddleston and the other top names in Florida sword-fishing will be here to offer their training and guidance to Cayman’s anglers.

“These guys simply know their stuff,” Mr Flowers said. “I thought so before, but having seen them in the ultimate battle, I can attest to it. We’re incredibly lucky to have them here for the Challenge.”

Mr Flowers urges any angler with a dream of landing a swordfish to get involved. The tournament kicks off on Friday, 27 June at 6:30 pm with registration and fishing masterclass at the Brasserie Conference Centre, Cricket Square.

T.G.I……Tuesday or Wednesday (Cayman Summer Sale)

The average conversation regarding Summer travel tends to go something like this:
Joe Smith: “Jeez, I sure would like to go on a vacation to the Caribbean this summer”.
Joanne Smith: ” Tell me about it, but with fuel prices like this the airfares are just getting out of control. It looks like we’ll be taking the kids to the In-laws this summer instead”
Joe Smith: “The in Laws?AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Don’t let what happened to Joe happen to you this summer. Log onto theReef, where you can book our Tuesday/Wednesday 40% off special.

Meetings in The Cayman Islands

The Reef Resort is the ideal location for meetings and group retreats with our 1600ft of pristine white beach, 142 all beachfront suites, full service restaurant and on site catering facilities. We also offer a lively beach bar, conference centre, on site spa and gym, and some of the finest snorkeling and diving in the world. We are located in the peaceful, East End of Grand Cayman, a relaxing 45 minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown and the Seven Mile Beach area.

So whether your group wishes to focus on an intense strategic planning retreat or a peaceful, laid back vacation, the tranquility of The Reef is uniquely placed amongst Cayman resorts to facilitate their needs.

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