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Baby Sea Turtles at theReef!

It’s turtle nesting season in the Cayman Islands and theReef Resort is proud to introduce our first hatchlings of the season. Miss Mary’s nest  sprang to life on July 5th with 80 t0 90 baby sea turtles making an appearance late in the afternoon. It’s quite rare that turtles hatch during the day so this was a real treat for all our staff members and guests who had a chance to get an up close and personal look at these amazing creatures.

A large plastic barrier placed over the nest by members of the Department of Environment prevented the babies from wandering away and safe from danger until staff and guests were able to release the little ones into the Caribbean later in the evening.

Happy Holidays from theReef!

The only way to build a snowman at theReef!


Happy Holidays from everyone at theReef!

Where do you go on vacation?

I am a concierge here at theReef and people always ask me “you live in paradise, so where do you go on vacation?”

My answer, “Walmart”, but that’s just me. Until recently I hadn’t been off this little island called Grand Cayman in four long years and my vacation motto is “when your on vacation you have to do things you can’t do at home” for me that’s shopping as sadly there is no Walmart in Grand Cayman.

I realize that many of our guests live by my vacation motto too. Trying new things like visiting Stingray City, getting out on the water with kayaks or simply relaxing on the beach with a Cayman Lemonade (highly recommended by our guests from big cities!).

 But this year I finally did get off the rock, and besides shopping (lots of shopping!) my family and I went to the Smokey Mountains, to the forests and rivers of North Carolina and Tennessee. I must tell you first hand, that driving down a winding, twisting mountain road at night with nothing but your headlights on, is ten times scarier than any roller coaster ride I have ever been on. We went White Water Rafting and tubeing down a creek. As many of our blog readers know, Grand Cayman is really a small island, so we took advantage of the open American roads and embarked on a few road trips. Something you really can’t do on an island which is less than 100 square miles.

The majority of our staff here at theReef go home to visit family and friends; it can be difficult to be away from loved ones. Others go on road trips like I did, and some explore Cuba and nearby countries throughout the Caribbean & Central America.

We came back to Grand Cayman, our bags filled with bargains and hearts filled with memories. I returned with a renewed energy and enthusiasm ready to make sure you enjoy your vacation as much as we did ours!

At theReef our guests join us from all over the USA, Canada and Europe and many of our staff are from far away places too; that is I think makes Cayman so interesting, a culture combined from many continents, different cuisines and a wonderful history.

Being on vacation gave me insight as to what our guests at theReef need while they are on holiday, for me it was fun family time. So whether you are looking for an action packed family vacation or relaxing romantic vacation, stop by and see me at the concierge desk.

Even though our island is small there is still loads going on! 

- Cathy Richardson, Concierge

Electric Cars in Grand Cayman?!

YES, that’s right, the next time you are in Grand Cayman, you may very well be driving an electric car! Yesterday, the first solar panel charging station was unveiled at Governors Square, Grand Cayman, and theReef is please to announce that we have signed up to be one of the charging station locations too!

Image courtesy of Caymanian Compass

Image courtesy of Caymanian Compass



The man behind the drive for electric vehicles in Cayman (no pun intended!), is Mr. John Felder. Mr. Felder has been working on this project in Cayman for six years and earlier this year he sold the first electric vehicle, a Chevy Volt, to Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC). These charging stations are the first of its kind in the Caribbean and theReef is very proud to support this innovative green movement.

At the moment 14 solar panel chargers are planned for Grand Cayman, including the station at theReef. The chargers have wind-resistant solar panels which will form a canopy over the car (bonus your car is kept shaded too). Surplus energy will also be fed back into Cayman’s national grid.

You can read more about Mr. John Felder’s plans for electric cars in Cayman here.

Celebrate Cayman Night in Texas!

Cayman Night Port Arthur 2010For the past 5 years in Port Arthur, TX., Caymanians and Cayman Wanna-be’s celebrate their love for the Cayman Islands, with great food and family entertainment – including a performance by theReef’s very own Barefoot Man.

This year, Cayman Night will be held on Saturday, September 25th at the Carl Parker Multipurpose Center from 5.30 to 11.30pm.

Barefoot Man, Chuck and Barrie Quappe, and Andy Martin, “The Cayman Cowboy,” will be heading the festivities. The pre-show will feature, the OutRigger Band, featuring Bob Brammer and K.O. Harlow!
Island Cuisine and Cayman Rum Punch will also be available for purchase, as well as soft drinks and other beverages. There will be children’s activities, limbo contests, door prize give-a-ways, and photos among the festivities for the night. Tickets are US$20 per adult and kids under 12 are free!

For tickets and further information please visit Special hotel rates are also available.

Spongebob is coming to Cayman!



Last Summer Spongebob loved his vacation so much that he is coming back to Grand Cayman. This Summer kids can laugh and play with their favorite porous pal – Spongebob Squarepants!


Spongebob Squarepants will be hosting the  Cayman Islands Seas School, a programme set up to educate youngsters about the importance of the marine life environment – and what better place to learn than in the warm tropical waters of Cayman! During the Summer Sea School, children will learn about marine life through hands on activities, arts and crafts and of course through a very special episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

TheReef is joining forces with Spongebob and is offering -

  • every fifth night free
  • 2 tickets to the legendary stingray city, and
  • kids eat free at Pelican’s Reef Restaurant and the Rusty Pelican Beach Bar (one free child 11 and younger per paying adult)

For more information and booking, visit

 For more information on the Cayman Sea School please visit


DOT Summer Splash 2010 

Have a Taste of Cayman 2010

Taste of Cayman now in its 22ndyear, is the Cayman Islands national food festival. Since moving home in 2009 to the recently developed Camana Bay, the festival has grown with over 60 vendors participating in 2010 and now includes an international wine tasting element.

Taste of Cayman is an opportunity for local restaurateurs to showcase local Caribbean and international cuisine, reaching an audience of over 4000 people! Each vendor has tasting booths set up to allow people to have a “taste” of local fares.

This year, theReef will be showcasing at Taste of Cayman with our very own Head Chef Robert. He will be cooking his Cajun chicken pasta, using his own blend of herbs and spices. Chef Robert thought carefully about his choice of dish and he said “I hope it reflects our international menu at theReef.” There will also be a chance to enter our prize draw for a Romantic break at theReef.

The festival is truly a family event with activities for kids including arts and crafts and even kid friendly food. For those looking to chill out and relax, head over to the “Mojito Lounge” featuring Bacardi’s top mixologists.

Further to Taste of Cayman, January has been announced as the Cayman Islands Culinary Month, with additional events held around the islands such as the Barefoot Brunch, Charity Wine Dinner and flair-bartending competition. This event joins the long list of fantastic events held in the Cayman Islands throughout the year.

Proceeds from all events across culinary month support the non-profit Cayman Islands Tourism Association and their partner charities, such as the Lighthouse School for disabled children.

There is plenty to see, taste and do at Taste of Cayman 2010! Tickets for Reef guests are available from our concierge team.

Bicycle Diaries

image003Bicycle Diaries is the musings of a cyclist, and a famed cyclist at that, David Byrne of the Talking Heads. The book is an off-beat, interesting read of an urban bicyclist who for more than 30 years rode a fold-up bike while at home and on tour. Byrne reflects on each destination from Istanbul to Buenos Aires and of course, American cities. He considers American cities car friendly not biking or walking friendly and for the most part he’s right.

Maybe we can get Byrne to visit The Reef Resort and participate in the Reefathlon, a bike friendly event that will take place this November 22. The first event was a smashing success and the second event has already attracted Peter Stetina, an up and coming cyclist with his eye on the Tour de France. Ok Byrne, you may want to come and share cycling stories with Stetina or bring a few books for a beachside book signing, as the resort is 100% beachfront.

For those interested in Byrne’s book, review it on and for those interested in the Reefathlon read more here;

Makes me want to get my bike out and go for a ride!

Barefoot Man – Always Exclusive to theReef, Grand Cayman!


Perhaps one of the Cayman Islands most famous export is the Barefoot Man’s music! Widely renowned for his daring lyrics, Barefoot is the biggest B to hit the island since Blackbeard and no visit to the island is complete without taking in Barefoot and his band.

Barefoot plays exclusively at theReef every Tuesday and some Thursdays. His full schedule can be found at

You can email Barefoot at:

A Couples Retreat a Movie or Reality

couplesretreat-ps-2Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Jon Faveau and the rest of the cast maybe onto something in Couples Retreat. Yes, it’s about a group of friends/couples who escape to an island, one couple for some much needed therapy and the others as a support system. The idea of the movie is sound, as travel is about escapism, reconnecting and frivolity. Where the movie goes astray is the “mandatory” classes as I am not sure of any resort that forces guests to participate in classes or any special events for that matter.

What I do like about what I’ve seen from viewing the trailers are the opportunities for each couple to experience activities that deviate from their normal routines. It’s fun to do something that you’ve never done, it stretches the soul and interjects creativity and of course, it’s always great buzz for cocktail parties or water cooler exchanges.

Couples go ahead and retreat, come as one or bring some couple friends, enjoy, relax, laugh and go ahead, do something out of the norm. Power snorkeling anybody?

The Blogman Cometh

Goooooood evening????????

Yes, it is evening time here in Scotland where your favorite reef blogger has been stationed over the last few months and i must apologize for the lack of reef news since then. However, there is good news on the horizon as i will be back in Cayman and back at thereef in less then a months time which is very close to Pirates Week. Hint Hint.

Upon my return expect more updates of the latest news at thereef as well as Cayman.

Freezing in New York State !

An old saying goes… “be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it”.

It is no secret that anyone in Caribbean tourism wishes for the early onset of Winter and some snows in the North East, as nothing makes people hanker more for some winter warmth in the Caribbean.

So…last night I arrive after 11pm in New York and, after navigating (somehow!) my rental car up the various parkways to my hotel upstate, it was in the 20s when I walked into the hotel.

No problem, I can wrap up warm… then this morning, snow was dumped all over the place and the roads are a mess….no idea how to get to my conference now :)

Ah well, called home, and the temperature is in the 80s as usual…. me wanna go home ! :)

Monday funny – Omid Djalili

Nothing to do with The Reef or Cayman, but discovered this guy last week, I thought he was hysterically funny… and YouTube might have been invented to showcase stand up comedians !

(Click on the image for a five minute standup routine)

Tell me if you like it and I’ll try to find a funny video to post each Monday :)

Hard Worker Winston now Rests in Peace

This is sad news following our blog about the value of older workers on March 24th – ‘Age is Just a Number’.

Arthur Winston, the Los Angeles Transit Worker who celebrated his 99th birthday at work on March 22nd 2005 – less than a month after retiring on his 100th birthday, died in his sleep 2 weeks ago on April 15th.

To his former colleagues at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Winston was more than a model employee known for his energy, punctuality and longevity. He was a legend. Winston missed one day of work in over 70 years, and that was to attend his wife’s funeral in 1988. In 1996, he received an “Employee of the Century” citation from President Bill Clinton.

This news reminds us of all those special people who work hard to improve the world throughout their lives and dedicate themselves to the company or individual they work for – spending their limited time on this earth in service and helping others.
We are very lucky to have many of these loyal and dedicated people at The Reef Resort and plan to keep them here as long as we possibly can!
So raise your next glass to Arthur Winston and all who follow him.