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Reef Profile John Peart (Maintenance)

“What i love most is seeing the smiles on guest faces and trying to make their day just a bit more enjoyable”, said John when asked to describe what he most loves about working at The Reef.
Having been at the resort for almost three years, many return guests should certainly be familiar with John as he also does the daily fish feeding from the dock, which has become very popular. “I started the fish feeding because guests would always ask me what was there for my kids to do. So i decided to create something that would be enjoyable for the kids and their parents.”

When not at The Reef you can usually find John in Bodden Town chatting with other Caymanians about the “good ole days” and travelling out to sea for a living.

Just ask John about the Lighthouse School( a school for mentally handicapped children) and watch his face light up as he describes how proud he is of being a member on the fundraising committee. As 2008 approaches John’s main goal is to build a house on the piece of property he recently purchased.

“I just want to send Holiday Greetings to all the past guests at the resorts and i hope to see you in 2008″ says John.

Reef Profile of Vida Christian (Housekeeping Supervisor)

Ms. Vida arrived in Cayman 16 years ago on the advice of her sister who was living here at the time. “I love Cayman and since my sister was here i decided to come and stay for a little while. A little while turned into 16 years as i couldn’t see myself leaving, I love the island too much.” Ms. Vida has been an employee of The Reef over 7 years and when asked what she most enjoys about the job she said,”I most enjoy making guest happy, i also enjoy the camaraderie that all the staff have here. It feels like one big family. I also love all the owners here and wish they were here all the time”

When not at The Reef, you can find Ms. Vida dancing. “I Love to dance”, says Ms. Vida. I’m sure any attendees at a staff party can attest to that. “Calypso and reggae all the way for me, said Ms. Vida. Also an avid reader and cook, Ms. Vida enjoys dramatic novels and basically any book with serious drama, while waiting for her “Ackee and Saltfish” to be cooked.

When asked what her greatest accomplishment was Ms. Vida stated, “It would be working here and gaining the position I’m at now of Housekeeping Supervisor”. She also describes herself as a joyful and friendly person who always tries to have a smile on her face.

Reef Profile Shawn Dyer (Maintenance)

As a kid growing up in Jamaica, Shawn could be found swimming by the river, playing cricket, or making kites. As an young adult he worked in a bauxite factory back home before arriving in Grand Cayman over 3 years ago.

Shawn has been a member of The Reef for over 2 years. He says, “Some of my favorite memories have been the people i have met here. I really enjoy interacting with both the guest and staff on a daily basis. My main priority is to ensure guest satisfaction with the resort never ends.”

Shaun is married with 5 kids, in fact when asked what his greatest accomplishment in life was he said, “It would first be my five beautiful children, second would be purchasing my first home, and third would be my promotion to Head of Maintenance here at The Reef Resort. The thing that would make me happiest in life is too see all my children graduate college.”

When not at work some of Shaun’s favorite hobbies include playing dominoes, snorkeling at Beach Bay, and watching TV. Some of those favorite shows on TV include “Fresh Prince” and “Everybody loves Raymond”, and his favorite music is Country, especially Conway Twitty and Charlie Pride. When asked what his most embarrassing moment was Shawn replied, “It would be the time Tom (Resort Director) was trying to reach me and i had my cell phone turned off.”

I asked Mr. Lawrence (General Manager) what was one thing that people did not know about Shawn but should and he had this to say, “The one thing that people don’t know about Shawn is that he is very humble and productive individual.”

Just another example of Reef excellence.

Reef Profile of Leona Baker (Concierge)

Born in Seattle, Leona has become one of the more popular employees at the resort through her outgoing personality and desire to please all guest. This December will mark the 4 year anniversary of Leona arriving here at the resort. When asked what she loved most about working at The Reef she said, “I love my coworkers and our guests because we all have a great harmony between and they really have become an extended family.”

On her days off she enjoys painting and hanging with her fiance, whom she is scheduled to be married to December 1st. One fact that all of you Reef fans will find interesting is that even though Leona is the water aerobic instructor here, she is actually scared of the water. Go Figure!

I asked Leona what were some of her favorite memories were at The Resort and I got two words. Staff Parties. “Its a time when everyone lets loose and has a great time”, said Leona.

“Basically, I love what I do and try to ensure that our guests enjoy their trip to the fullest”, says Leona. Enough said.